The Seminar's objective is to be the link among the different institutions from UNAM and Mexico, whose main topic focus on Asian Studies; to function as a strategic vehicle to gather efforts at a national level.


  • To function as a linking platform in order to understand the contemporary issues of the region and its interaction with Mexico and the rest of Latin America.
  • To offer a multidisciplinary and transdiciplinary space that allows to visualize the challenges of the bilateral relations between Mexico and the different countries of the Asian region.
  • To transform into a space of academic, private initiatives, and public policy triangulation.
  • To manage a linking system within the University in order to ensure communication and feedback among the diverse fields of knowledge which generate research related to the Asian region.
  • To work as a linking platform to other Mexican and Latin American institutions related to Asia.
  • To funnel all the information related to Asian Studies within UNAM, at an institutional level (faculties, institutes, and investigation centres) and in what refers to human resources, research, and teaching (researchers, students, works, and publications).